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isoPost is a Hybrid Mail software solution which allows desktop correspondence generated in familiar applications such as Microsoft Word to be consolidated and batched, thereby offering significant savings on print and distribution.

Print Organisations

isoPost can be used by print service providers to offer Hybrid Mail services to their existing client base. The isoPost solution will facilitate the capture of these documents, once destined for desktop printers, and securely route them into the PSP’s existing high volume production processes.

In-House Print Facilities

For organisations that have their own central print capability, isoPost can be used to capture user desktop documents across multiple sites. These documents can be collected, merged and produced using the existing high volume print and fulfilment processes.

System Overview

isoPost System Overview - Users
isoPost System Overview - Production
isoPost System Overview - Production

Integrity & Security

All documents are PDF/A compliant, meaning that you can be confident the production centre can produce them exactly as the end user intended. In addition, documents are encrypted at 256bit AES to ensure their security is assured whatever the transmission method.

End User Benefits

The end user is able to work more efficiently by passing the labour intensive and costly document production away from their departmental office environment and utilise your existing document management facilities & processes. The end user continues to use their existing office applications (such as MS Word or SAGE), thereby reducing the organisational impact and training requirements.

Example Customer System

Spark and Zoom offer a hybrid mail service called Charity Resource Mail Management. This service uses the isoPost solution which is hosted and provided by Integrity Print. The following video gives a short introduction to the service and shows how the isoPost software solution provides the end user with the ability to manage Direct Marketing and Business Communications.

This is just one way that the isoPost solution can be offered to your end users. Please contact us to discuss other user requirements.

Out-of-the-Box Solution

Isopyre can deliver a Hybrid Mail solution to meet your exact business needs. This can be a standalone offering, or tightly integrated with your existing business systems by Isopyre’s team of analysts and technicians.

Organisational Benefits

By producing documents using your existing production site or mailroom, you can both reduce the cost of desktop mail as well as gain greater control over ad-hoc mailings. Automate & aggregate mailings to match your production capabilities and further reduce costs associated with postage, operational inefficiencies & consumables. Take control over costs by centrally monitoring system usage to understand the true costs of your desktop mail.

Postal Optimisation

Aggregate and sort all received documents into print ready batches based on the production environment requirements. Create production batches tailored to optimise the efficiency of the print centre. Among the batching capabilities of the isoPost solution are:

  • Group documents with similar stock/envelope requirements to maximise production batch sizes.
  • Group documents based on destination or other embedded document information.
  • Sort documents based on custom rules - Such as postal sortation schemes to reduce postage costs.

Document Management Platform

If you want to integrate the features of an isoPost solution into your existing environment yourself, Isopyre can provide a system with the necessary interfaces for you to evolve and develop the system yourself.

Further Reading

For more information, please see our Case Studies, read about Hybrid Mail or download the isoPost Brochure.

isoPost Case Studies

Hybrid Mail

PDF Icon isoPost Brochure (2.9MB)

isoPost User Experience

The isoPost solution consists of a number of interfaces working together to provide a seamless end user experience.

isoPost Client

The isoPost Client is a Windows printer driver installed on the end user’s computer. It enables a user to submit documents for central production right from their desktop. Users continue to use Windows applications with which they are familiar, such as Microsoft Word. This means that the user’s existing work pattern is not interrupted, reducing training requirements, roll-out costs and deployment complexities. Documents are encrypted in real-time so that the security and integrity of the documents can be assured whatever the transmission method.

isoPost Client isoPost Client

The isoPost Client is configurable so that the user is presented with a custom set of fulfilment and production options such as background stock, envelope type and postage class. Configuration of the isoPost Client and product updates are done remotely from the cloud, allowing new user features to be easily rolled out across a large user base. Secure user authentication allows users and user groups to be configured individually ensuring each user is presented with relevant fulfilment options.

Reserved document areas and envelope window clear-zones can be added to ensure the user’s document content doesn’t interfere with optimised print and postage processes.

Users can print individual documents or process much larger volumes using tools such as Word MailMerge or Sage. The isoPost Client allows users to attach additional enclosures to their documents, these can be physical inserts or items printed as part of the production processes.

isoPost Portal

The isoPost Portal is a web based interface which allows end users to interact with documents that have been submitted. They can view document information such as fulfilment options, recipient address and document status as well as gain access to downloadable MI reports. The document view feature allows users (or the management team) to review and interact with submitted documents. Documents can be deleted, placed on hold, put through approval cycles and be scheduled with specific release dates. To take the burden off your customer support teams, self-service user administration allows client organisations or your Print Management and Channel resellers to manage their own installations, users and access control. For maximum user familiarity, you can offer the isoPost Portal interface across multiple brands.

isoPost Portal isoPost Portal

The isoPost Portal is also used for system administrators to manage end user fulfilment options such as background stocks, envelope types and postage class. Configuration changes made in the isoPost Portal are automatically deployed to the user’s isoPost Client interface enabling rapid roll-out of new features.

isoPost Web Client

The isoPost Web Client allows users to create and submit documents from a web interface.

There is no software to install which allows documents to be created from IT environments where installing new software is restricted. Only a web browser and access to the internet is required*. isoPost Web Client offers all the same features and functionality of word processors such as Microsoft Word presented within an intuitive and familiar user interface.

isoPost Web Client isoPost Web Client

Users can access isoPost Web Client from anywhere and any device allowing documents to be created on the move and from within unstructured IT environments.

All the same user management controls which are available in the isoPost Client are available to administrators of the isoPost Web Client, offering a seamless user experience whatever document creation method is used.

* isoPost Web Client is supported on all mainstream web browsers, including; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

isoPost Production Suite

The isoPost Production Suite consists of a number of key software components working together to provide a robust document aggregation and production platform.

isoPost Server

The isoPost Server is the document capture and repository for all items being processed. isoPost Server will receive submissions from remote end users, usually using Secure FTP as the transmission method. isoPost Server then stores all received documents, still in their encrypted form, in a central repository along with the individual document’s production & fulfilment requirements. isoPost Server is built upon Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL which offer flexibility and resilience for large and small document repositories alike.

isoPost Production

isoPost Production enables the aggregation and sortation of received documents into production print ready batches. Based on the production environment requirements, isoPost Production can create production batches tailored to optimise the efficiency of the print centre. Batching capabilities include grouping documents with similar stock and envelope requirements to maximise production batch sizes. Existing postal sortation software can be used to gain postage discounts.

isoPost Production isoPost Production

Automation & System Integration

The isoPost solution can be integrated into existing user environments to enable the capture of documents from legacy and automated systems.

Lights Out Processing

The isoPost Client can be configured to capture documents without any user interaction. This can be used to intercept documents from an automated document system such as invoice production or standard system generated letters.

Lights out processing can also be used to process highly templated documents generated by users when no fulfilment choices need to be made. This is especially useful when streaming standardised user document production processes such as in call-centre environments.

Batch Submission

The isoPost solution can be used to automatically capture large quantities of documents at once. This could be letters produced by a large user base or documents generated from automated systems. isoPost can capture these large volumes of documents and route them through to the batch production environment.


sureConnect is a suite of software components used to help integrate and automate the capture of documents within existing IT environments:

  • surePoll is a Windows service which automates the process of picking up documents from watched folders and LPR submissions.
  • sureSend is a Windows application which facilitates the automated sending of documents to an FTP/SFTP server.
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