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FCS Laser Mail

FCS Laser Mail is a transactional print provider based at their high security headquarters in Birmingham.

They provide businesses with a professional and highly secure personalised print & mail service, from invoices and statements, to policies and renewals of memberships.

Integrity Print

Business Requirement

FCS Laser Mail already offers bulk print & mail services and whilst this is a very successful offering within the marketplace, FCS wanted to offer additional services to its clients. It was important that any additional offering would complement FCS’ traditional business and could be provided alongside bulk mail production to existing customers. The new service should further encourage its clients to continue using FCS as their sole outsource provider for print & mail.

Overview of Solution

Isopyre delivered isoPost, their desktop mail software solution, into FCS. isoPost enables FCS to offer desktop mail services to its clients. This allows client users to create ad-hoc letters & mailings using existing, familiar tools such as Microsoft Word and submit them for central production at FCS Laser Mail. These documents are typically not suitable for bulk production and hence FCS would not previously have been able to accept them.

isoPost Client

Client Interface

isoPost Client used to submit documents

isoPost Portal

Integrity Print

isoPost Portal used to track & view documents

Production Environment

isoPost’s production tool allows FCS to aggregate documents from multiple sources based on their print & fulfilment requirements. This allows FCS to maximise print batch sizes and offer further volume based postal discounts. isoPost has been seamlessly integrated into the existing FCS production automation environment so impact on internal processes has been minimal. As such FCS were rapidly able to offer this new service to multiple clients.


Increased production volume & a new revenue stream

Desktop mail is a new service offered by FCS. They have seen strong client uptake which has resulted in both an increase in their document production volumes and actually added a new revenue stream to their business. This new source of revenue, which is based on desktop mail, is in addition to and not instead of the FCS traditional bulk mail business.

Better service to clients

FCS are now providing a desktop mail service alongside their existing bulk mail services. This has allowed FCS to approach new and existing clients with a very strong offering and essentially enables them to provide a complete document management service. FCS are now in a position to cross-sell & up-sell its services across an entire client organisation.

FCS Laser Mail

FCS Laser Mail provides personalised printing and mailing services to clients throughout the UK, their clients include major plc's, blue chip companies and financial institutions. FCS were established in 1996 and has many years experience in the Financial, Government and commercial sector. Their expert staff ensure clients entire job, from secure data transfer to despatch, is confidentially completed to meet the very tightest timescales.

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