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Capita Medical Reporting

Capita Medical Reporting is one of the UK’s leading providers of medical reporting and screening services. They draw on an extensive range of independent medical expertise, and are known for the integrity and impartiality of its medical opinion.

Fundamental to offering their services is a reliance on business critical mail generated in a variety of ways from multiple in-house systems.

Capita Medical Reporting

Business Requirement

Mail was being produced locally and fulfilled in Capita Medical Reporting‘s in-house post room. This was both expensive and lacked the closed loop integrity necessary for such a business critical function.

Documents being produced include; Appointment Letters, Medical Reports and Patient Records. In addition, many of the letters require additional documents to be included in the envelope. These printed enclosures are stored in Capita Medical Reporting’s in-house Electronic Document Management system and include:

Capita Medical Reporting were looking for a way to outsource this complex print and fulfilment process to Capita Document & Information Services (CDIS), their existing communication partner.

The Integrated Solution

Isopyre helped to deliver the CDIS solution into Capita Medical Reporting. The solution utilises isoPost, the desktop mail capture solution from Isopyre, which enables the documents to be produced using existing creation methods, then securely and electronically routed into the CDIS production environment.

The existing business relationship between CDIS and Capita Medical Reporting allowed the isoPost software to be integrated seamlessly into the Capita Medical Reporting document workflow, alongside other products and services from CDIS.

As a user of the isoPost platform, CDIS are able to capture Capita Medical Reporting’s composed documents and output them through their existing high volume production processes.

Implementation Challenges

One of the main challenges of this project was the automatic addition of document enclosures from the Capita Medical Reporting EDM system. It was due to Isopyre’s proven ability to create robust bespoke technical solutions for requirements such as this that isoPost was chosen.

Isopyre wrote a custom module to read the document content, securely connect to the EDM system and attach the relevant enclosures. Isopyre liaised with various technical stakeholders within CDIS, Capita Medical Reporting and their technology partners to deliver the final solution.

Benefits to Capita Medical Reporting

Utilising the delivered solution, Capita Medical Reporting have been able to reduce their overall costs whilst at the same time improving the quality and reliability of their document production process.

In outsourcing this document production process, Capita Medical Reporting have improved operational efficiency by moving from a part-automated to a fully automated solution. Decommissioning the associated legacy hardware and software has also removed ongoing maintenance costs.

By aggregating Capita Medical Reporting’s documents with their existing high volume production work, CDIS are able to offer much lower print, fulfilment and postage costs to Capita Medical Reporting.

The 100% mailing capability offered by Capita Communications combined with their detailed MIS reporting have provided Capita Medical Reporting with a far more reliable document solution at a much higher quality than was previously possible.

Capita Document & Information Services

Capita Document & Information Services are the UK’s leading business process outsourcing & professional services company providing customer correspondence solutions to the UK marketplace. Part of the FTSE 100 Capita Group plc, CDIS provide services that can be tailored to the needs of private & public sector organisations alike.

Capita Medical Reporting

Capita Medical Reporting brings together Insurance Medical Group (IMG) and Premier Medical Group (PMG). The group has been providing medical reporting, screening, rehabilitation and diagnostic services since 1995. Capita Medical Reporting draws on an extensive range of independent medical expertise, and is known for the integrity and impartiality of its medical opinion, whether working on behalf of claimants or defendants, employers or employees.

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